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Spirulina Fruit Parfait

June 6, 2019

Looking for a delicious, new good-for-you treat to add to your culinary arsenal? Our VieSun / Gandalf Spirulina™ Fruit Parfait ticks all the boxes and is loaded with protein and nutrients to boot.

Combining layers of creamy yogurt, great for bone health and digestive well-being, your favorite fresh fruit and the hearty and delicious crunch of chopped nuts, plus a sprinkling of VieSun / Gandalf Spirulina™ Powder, this palate-pleasing parfait is a totally customizable combo that can be whipped up in minutes, while its benefits can help carry you through the day, and beyond.

Spirulina Fruit Parfait

Yield: 1 serving




  1. Layer the 1/3 of the yogurt, 1/3 of the fruit, 1/3 of the nuts, and sprinkle 1/3 spirulina powder.
  2. Repeat two more times in a tall parfait glass.
  3. Finish with a sprinkle of spirulina powder.

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