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Beetroot Steamer with Salus Red Beet Crystals

January 28, 2018

I get a lot of questions about my favorite superfoods and smoothie add-ins, so I thought I’d start sharing about some of them!

I’ve been a fan of Flora’s products for years now, from supplements to superfoods and oils. I got to try a few of their products, like their Green Blend (US) / Beyond Greens (CA) powder—great for morning smoothies—and their Udo’s Oil Blend (US/CA), full of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids.

The one I’ve fallen in love with the most is Salus Red Beet Crystals.

Each 200-gram jar contains 15 cups of organic beets—so amazing! While the crystals can be added to water or smoothies, I decided to switch things up and add them to a warming drink!

Introducing the Beetroot Steamer

Packed with vitamins B & C, minerals, fiber, and manganese—which is so good for your liver and bones!

Don’t let the word beetroot freak you out! It’s such a subtle and naturally sweet flavor alongside coconut milk and raw honey.

Beetroot Steamer


  • 2 tbsp Salus Red Beet Crystals (US/CA)
  • 1/4 cup water - around 170°, not boiling
  • 1 cup of good coconut milk - around 170°, not boiling
  • Drop of raw honey


  1. Add the beet crystals to a mug and your pour hot water over them. Stir to dissolve.
  2. Add in raw honey to taste! A little drop will do as the beet crystals are naturally sweet.
  3. Froth your coconut milk - get it nice and creamy! I love using those little electric frothing whisks.
  4. Carefully pour your coconut milk over the beets, and that's it! Sip, savor & enjoy!

Jordana is a content creator, recipe developer, and stylist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Happiest in the kitchen, Jordana enjoys creating healthy recipes that are good for you, delicious, and never boring. For more recipes follow @jordanaclaudia and #jordiecooks.

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